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Pacari Chocolate uk

Pacari Chocolate 

I'm delighted to use Pacari chocolate whenever i'm in the kitchen a company they really do uphold the values I hold dear to my heart. 

Pacari  support families in Ecuador by working with them directly, not with middle men.They pay these farmers a significant premium over Fairtrade market prices to ensure they are fairly compensated for their hard work. 

Pacari  produce and package chocolate bars in Ecuador, a country where cacao beans actually grow. When chocolate is produced from ‘Tree to Bar’ this allows over 50% of the wealth to stay in the country of origin and contribute to its development. 

All cacao bars are made from 60% of cacao or more. High cacao content chocolate has a number of health benefits. We also only use unrefined or coconut sugar. 

 No pesticides, harmful fertilisers or genetically modified products in any part of the supply chain, ensuring the health and well-being of consumers, cacao growers and the environment. 



Protecting Nature

Our award winning chocolates are a perfect example of team work between WWF Ecuador, Pacari and the indigenous communities in Cuyabeno in the Ecuadorian Amazon, who strive for sustainable livelihoods and responsibility towards their natural environment. The cacao that Pacari uses is an excellent alternative for them: it grows in areas of agroforestry, under the shade of native trees, resulting in protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and avoiding deforestation, which is a huge issue in the cacao industry where most of the cacao comes from plantations made in deforested areas. Together we support these communities in the sustainable development of this amazing cacao fino de aroma, one of the finest cacao in the world.

Find more about this initiative that helps to protect the Jaguar, Tapir, River Dolphin and Capuchin Monkey and the Amazon rainforest by making a click here.  

Pacari's chocolate are all palm oil free and soy free, which is one way of disassociating us from deforestation of the Amazon rain forest caused by this. Pacari does not use any cacao from big monoculture cacao plantations that most of the time are related to deforestation caused by cacao. Pacari wants to contribute to keep the biodiversity from the Amazon rainforest and it is what it takes different actions that contribute make this possible. 

Compostable package, plastic free and recycling to reduce waste.


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