Lindsay Randerson

Holistic Health Coach

Summer's here at last ... are you ready?

With the unpredictable British weather can feel very last minute when the sun finally shines and we make the decision to head to the nearest beach for the day ..Here are a few ways to get your body ready for those unexpected days..

Body brushing 

Removing the dead skin from your body with a dry body brush helps unclog the pores and stimulates the lymphatic system helping boost micro circulation and smooth out rough patches.Those pesky knee and elbow areas which have been under clothes all winter can breathe a sigh of relief..Use a body brush every day before getting into the shower or bath. Moisturising after the bath with an oil or balm packed with essential fatty acids and protective butters will protect and nourish whilst you sleep.

Stock up on Suncream

Most suncreams that you used last year are more than likely to have expired, before the mad rush to the's best to double check and consider buying a new one for your body and another for your face.There are some great green products around now which are eco conscious and reef friendly. The following are some of my personal favourites and also great for the family. A broad range UVA and UVB is highly recommended.Choose ones with no nasty chemicals which can irritate the skin.

Natural Deodorant 

Is a game changer,If you’ve been waiting to make the change to an all natural deodorant then your body will certainly be thanking you in the long run. It takes time to purge your body of residual chemicals from conventional deodorants. Natural deodorants work better with time so if you get started now, your pits will be in great shape for those summer days.We are lucky to support the earth conscious Bare Bar guys here on the Isle of wight .. 

Stop ignoring your feet.

When sandal weather finally graces us with its presence, don’t let the feet and toenails you ignored all winter long stop you from sporting an open-toe. . Use a body scrub weekly to soften up those calluses. Slather on a heavy-duty moisturizing balm at night to smooth cracked heels.  Give your nails and cuticles some summer loving ...

Seasonal eating 

Adding in seasonal vegetables and fruit to morning smoothies is a great way of increasing nutrients and essential vitamins. Shopping locally and organic where possible prevents nutrient loss and less packaging prevents those chemical transfers into our food.   Adding a scoop of superblend protein powders increases antioxidants,Vitamin C,K and iron. If you are feeling sluggish,no energy and lacking focus  after the winter months.. it's a great start..

Now your beach ready xx Have fun 

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