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Early spring cleaning for mind & body

Early spring clean for mind & body


It's lovely to see some spring blossoms emerging & tiny snowdrops peeking through the grass. As we think about nature starting to bloom, it also gives us an opportunity to look at our own bodies and maybe incorporate some gentle cleansing to stimulate metabolic waste that has been stagnating over the winter period

Early spring is a great time to gently start to awaken your digestive system, it will put a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eyes. It should leave you clear headed and relaxed, so your sleep is easier and you feel more refreshed when waking. It's an important time to rebalance (without stripping your system with elimination diets)

Here are a few things to ADD into February 

Cleansing the Liver - as the major organ of detoxification, the liver qualifies for special attention. Bitter foods such as artichoke leaf, dandelion root, chicory, turmeric, fennel, garlic, dill can help the liver do its job. Aloe Vera juice is also one of the best tonics for nourishing the liver.

Cleansing your skin - Start with a dry body brush or massage mitt and use this regularly before you shower, this stimulates the lymphatic system responsible for the elimination of waste through the skin, add in herbal teas throughout your day such as mint, chamomile & burdock root to help intercellular fluids to balance. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint & eucalyptus have a natural cleansing ability. If you are working from home or sat at a desk, a rollerball essential oil is a must..  Duxmore Botanics are made locally on the Isle of Wight and are my firm fave for botanical excellence

Cleansing your lungs - The brain cleansing breath. This simple exercise increases metabolism and oxygen to the brain, revitalising the whole body - Sit comfortably, spine straight but relaxed, Breathe in deeply through your nostrils for 3, hold for 4, exhale through the mouth for 5 .. Practice this sequence to bring focus & clarity throughout your day.

Cleansing the whole body - Hot water is one of the simplest cleansing tools and is a wonderful medicine to strengthen digestion. Think of washing up, if you wash with cold water the fat simply congeals, warm water melts the fat away. Drink freely throughout the day. 

Seasonal Cleansing – ADD in seasonal foods to your diet as well as bitter fruits like cranberry, lemon, lime and grapefruit. A kick start for your digestive tract.

Cleansing at home – February starts the decluttering in my house, packing up old clothes to deliver to the charity shops, cleaning cupboards after the Christmas binge & sorting through seed packets ready for potting next month. Add indoor plants to purify the air. Indoor plants can boost positive vibes & amplify a sense of wellbeing & bring a sense of calm to a space.

And lastly … a detox I highly recommend, set in place a limit on how much social media you consume daily? ask yourself if you can turn off 1 hour earlier and read or listen to a podcast instead. Play a game with your family or make a call and check in with a friend. Being intentional with your time sets good habits for life. 




Photo by Luz Mendoza 

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