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one to one health session

one to one health session

 one-to-one health session   

 Coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs, we start from where you are now & what you would like to work towards in the future .. If you are stuck in a never ending cycle of yo yo dieting, unhealthy lifestyle habits which are affecting your energy, mood, digestion & sleep ... your not alone ...

I am passionate about finding out how peoples health & lifestyle have led them to where they are today. 

We will work on 7 key areas of your life to support not only your body but your mind also. This holistic approach gently builds self awareness, self esteem & confidence & creates space in your life to enjoy the things you truly love, as well as addressing the foundations.

Discover the power of small changes that have the ability to create huge impact with nutient dense foods, healthy habits, lifestyle tools & time for you in your everyday. 

 If you are struggling with bad habits, sleep issues, gut health, chronic stress and unhealthy eating habits that are impacting on your wellbeing and feel ready to take the first steps towards better health & vitality, then I invite you to book a call and discover if one to one sessions would help you.

 If you are ready to take those first steps then get in touch for a 15 minute FREE health call.

Each coaching session thereafter is 60 minutes on line .