Lindsay Randerson

Holistic Health Coach


Hi ..I'm Lindsay 

 a holistic health coach specialising in transforming the lives of busy, professionals who need simple, solutions in a busy world to change unhealthy lifestyle habits, optimise good nutrition and find balance, joy and purpose everyday.

It's a hugely rewarding and satisfying journey which I love ..

I provide private coaching sessions, group workshops and in person retreats as well as supporting the PCN ( NHS) on the Isle of Wight. Educating and inspiring others to live a happier & healthier life. 

It's a step by step approach which prioritises "what matters to you "  taking small, sustainable steps forward. ..a simple framework, guided by you which fits into your busy, hectic everyday life.

I've been part of the Health & wellness industry for 30 years managing 5* hotels and health resorts which could be very stressful at times.International travel and family life left me anxious & overwhelmed & struggling with  hormones imbalances,adrenal fatigue and health issues..My weight ballooned and I started to feel very unwell. I was also desperately unhappy and not enjoying any of the persuits I really enjoyed.

It is through my own journey, I have found a less is more approach to wellness. I formalised my health coaching training and studied Nutrition & lifestyle as well as mindfulness techniques are the foundations I work with in guiding you to achieve your own goals and desires.

  As a mindfulness mentor, holistic therapist and self care practitioner, a mum of a tween and a teen and connected deeply to the beauty of our natural world .. I take a 360 holistic approach to support you with compassion and understanding ..Life doesn't need to be exhausting ..


" The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better " Robert F. Kennedy

If you would like help on your wellness journey. Please do contact me to discuss 


Lindsay x

One to One coaching

One to One coaching

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 Making small, sustainable changes will give...

Nutrition & Wellness Day

Nutrition & Wellness Day

Saturday 2nd October 10-4pm 

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Following on from my update on social media on 28th...