Lindsay Randerson

Holistic Health Coach

Mindful Walking

Mindful walking  


Mindful practises have been shown to improve focus, empathy, emotional control and increase happiness ..what's not to like about mndfulness...

Taking a few minutes everyday to focus on your breath with awareness,calmness and connection is a valuable tool when we are feeling stressed and anxious.Paying attention to your breath and the feelings and emotions which arise, can have a direct impact on the automatic nervous system,the system which manages our fight or flight response, when we are agitated or under threat.

The next time you take a walk, try a mini mindful exercise .

Take a few deep breaths and out ..notice how your breath sits in you ..easy ..laboured, shallow, easy ??.

Notice your feet on the ground..the steady movement and feeling in each foot ..what can you feel through your shoes or are you barefoot ?

Notice what you hear ? the birds, the traffic ? are you near water ? what can you hear ?

What can you smell ? fresh air has a beautiful,sweet, fresh scent..can you smell flowers nearby ?

What can you taste ? maybe your cup of tea,toothpaste ?

What can you see? bring your gaze to the furthest point and notice those items you may have not noticed before ..The distant outline of a church ? clouds in the sky ?

You may notice feelings and emotions arising,this is normal,no judgement just notice them and then let them go.

Bring your attention back to your breath 

Continue your walk 

Now ask yourself ..How many times did my mind wander ? 

It's normal for this to happen.

To quote Jon Kabat-Zinn, if your mind wanders 1000 times, your job is to bring it back 1000 times.It's the bringing it back is what's important. 






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