Lindsay Randerson

Holistic Health Coach

About Me

"The most important things in life are the things which bring you JOY"

I LOVE what I do and that's what brings me the greatest pleasure and purpose in life..I also LOVE travelling,family time and mini adventures ,the sea, eating great food, meeting people from all parts of the world  and dancing ( I love to dance ) 

It's all about bringing balance into life,enjoying the moments and working in a profession I love

Here are a few more things you might like to know 

I was born in North Yorkshire ( but don't have a yorkshire accent)

I moved to LONDON at the age of 18 to start my career as a Holistic therapist

I've played tennis from the age of 14 and still play competitively today age 53

I have 2 gorgeous children age 11 and 16 

My Dad passed away 10 years ago from Parkinson's Disease

I struggled with gynae problems and endometriosis for most of my 20's, I was told I would never have children.

I conceived at the age of 36 and 41 

My favourite food is greek and spanish but I love homemade pizza

I'm not a huge drinker but a refreshing G+T  would be my first choice 

I started practising Mindfulness and Breathwork in 2020 and qualified as a mindfulness coach in 2021 

I bungy jumped in Africa over Victoria falls 

I'm a pretty good artist and love to paint 

I've lived and worked around the world since I was 21

I have lived in Cardiff, London, Manchester and Russia

Don't give me brussel sprouts, I hate them !

I love a good practical joke 

I had a horse called Tongo when I was growing up - He was as stubborn as a mule and threw me off regularly!

 Growing vegetables and fruit brings me JOY

I dived on the Great Barrier Reef and saw a shark ! 

I had an accident to my right hand when I was 5, I now have metal bits in my fingers but am lucky to have a hand

You will find me on the water on our boat at weekends

 I have family in Australia and South Africa

I Love to be outside on morning walks 

 My mantra is " Do what you fear most and control fear, if you don't control fear, fear controls you"

Favourite films include "EAT, PRAY ,LOVE " this was definately my life in a film..GLADIATOR and GREEN MILE are also up there

I'm definately a get up and go type of girl 

I missed out walking Mt Kilimanjaro as I was suffering from Bilharzia picked up swimming in Lake Malawi,East Africa

My dream would be to open my own wild retreat somewhere in the world

Navigating my way through perimenopause

I'm a positive thinker 

Come and join my free on line facebook group "The Wellness Lounge " and connect with like minded women








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